Planning To Protect Your Family's Financial Legacy

Estate planning is more than just making sure you draft a will. While having an updated last will and testament is the foundation of a good estate planning strategy, it is generally not enough. Even if your family asset includes only a three-bedroom house in the Columbus suburbs, you will still want to make sure it remains in your family with minimal death taxes and without excessive administrative fees.

Strategic Planning For Your Future — Not Just Reacting To Your Current Needs

We are the estate planning team of lawyers at Zaino Law Group, LPA, in Dublin, Ohio. Our goal is to help families and business owners in the Columbus metropolitan area, Dayton, Springfield, Central and Southwestern Ohio protect their financial legacies. That means offering a full range of strategies and tools to help our clients plan for the successful transfer of financial assets, property titles and business ownership to their children, grandchildren and other heirs and beneficiaries they choose.

"We review your estate and financial circumstances. There may be some things we need to address immediately. But our goal is to help lay out a plan that gives you confidence for your family's financial future." — Attorney Michael J. Zaino

Yes, it all starts with an updated last will and testament, but our estate and tax planning attorneys can also help you with legal tools such as:

  • Living trusts to help you remain in control of how, when and to whom your financial assets will be distributed
  • Charitable giving trusts to allow you to continue to take care of the religious organization or charitable group you know and love
  • Special needs trusts or wholly discretionary trusts to distribute your assets to provide care and services to a loved one with special needs
  • Title transfers to keep your family home, investment, recreation, or business property in your family
  • Business succession planning to make sure your business remains in control of a member of your family or trusted partner
  • Probate matters and estate administration to help with all final legal and tax details following the death of a loved one

Licensed In North Carolina, Too
If you are planning to retire to North Carolina, or you or your parents have already moved there, we are also licensed to help you with your estate planning and real estate or other legal needs. To find out how, call 614-799-2800.

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