Helping Businesses Succeed In Central and Southwestern Ohio

At Zaino Law Group, LPA, we are proud of the business community we serve. Many of our clients own and operate their own businesses. Some are small family businesses they intend to keep small and pass on to their adult children. Some are in limited liability companies or S corporations with other investors. Some are licensed professionals in the medical, legal, engineering, dental and architectural fields. They all have one thing in common: They are in business to succeed.

We serve business communities in Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, and throughout Central and Southwestern Ohio.

Services That Private Business Owners In Ohio Need Most

We know that nothing can drain a business of financial resources, personnel time and creative energy faster than a serious legal problem. Most small and mid-sized businesses just can't afford to pay an attorney to sit in the corner office. That is where our full range of services can become so important.

Our business lawyers will listen to your needs and goals, and then determine the specific services you need. With our in-depth understanding of tax law, we offer the added benefit of helping you see around the corner and down the road — how business decisions you make today may impact your bottom line in one, five or even ten years down the road.

Our range of business law services includes:

  • Business entity formation to help you start your business or change your tax structure as you grow.
  • Shareholder agreements so everyone involved in the investment and operations of your business understands and adheres to the terms and conditions of agreement
  • Professional practices to help you navigate the start up, licensure issues and regulatory challenges faced by medical, dental and other professionals
  • Business tax planning including merger and sale transactions, as well as succession planning
  • Contracts and agreements to give you confidence that you know what you are agreeing to before you agree to a contract with another party
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations to make sure the business you are buying or merging with is really everything you hope and expect it to be
  • Franchise operations to assist you through the application and operations process of buying into a franchise or selling distributor franchises for your product or service

We also handle issues such as:

  • Independent contractors
  • Employment issues
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

Dispute Resolution And Risk Management

We are experienced business dispute resolution attorneys. If you feel a dispute arising between your company and a partner, a customer, supplier or employee, talk to us right away. The time to resolve a business dispute is before it festers into a lawsuit.

We also use our experience to help business owners manage their litigation risks in the areas of partnerships, executive compensation and employment law.

Call Us First

Let us focus on your legal matters while you focus on your business. Call us at 614-799-2800 or send an email with a brief explanation of your transactional needs.